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Oak Tree Surgery

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Our Services

Pre-employment Assessments

  • To ensure that staff are fit for their job
  • To identify new staff with health problems who may require special support or modification of duties to undertake their job successfully
  • To identify staff who should be enrolled with the OH Service for vaccinations or periodic health monitoring to protect them in their work. 
All staff are screened initially by questionnaire. Staff involved in certain work activities (below) or those disclosing health problems on the questionnaire which may affect their fitness have to attend a clinic appointment with Dr Ian Harris (left) or Dr Ian O’Connor for a more detailed evaluation to complete the assessment.

Health Surveillance

For some work where it is not possible to absolutely protect against health risks, Occupational Health @ Oak Tree monitors the health of all staff involved. The aim is to detect signs of problems as early as possible so that we can help the person and check whether action is needed to protect others.

Workplace Specific Vaccinations and Travel Advice

If you are travelling outside or within the UK in connection with work or study, you need to take precautions to prevent, or deal with health problems. Occupational Health @ Oak Tree can help you plan for your trip and will provide all necessary vaccinations. We can also ensure your staff based locally have the required vaccinations for their jobs.

Audiometry & HAVs

Our portable sound proof booth and HAV testing kit means that employees can have onsite or clinic based testing minimising disruption to the employer.

Whether you require a full-time comprehensive workplace based Occupational Health Service, a single sickness absence referral or a day's health surveillance / medicals  for more information or if its’ not listed above just ask. Contact us today and see how we could help you and become your Occupational Health Provider of choice.

Contact Dave Blower on 01656 678180 for more information.