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Oak Tree Surgery’s Top Tips to Looking Younger

Botox and fillers provided by Oak Tree Surgery are of course treatments you can safely undertake to help you look younger.

In addition to providing cosmetic enhancement, we wanted to take this opportunity to offer our patients advice on how to naturally slow down the ageing process. Follow our top tips as a stand alone or as a valued addition to cosmetic enhancement treatments, to look younger and combat the signs of ageing.


Smoking can not only cause an untimely death but we all know that it has a huge affect on our skin, increasing the signs of ageing. 

By stopping smoking immediately you are instantly reducing the effect that nicotine and other harmful chemicals have on your skin every day.

For help to quit smoking visit our partner website PYB Health here.


The sun is one of the main causes of fine lines and wrinkles. If you were to compared two people who have both been exposed to the same sun throughout their life, but with varying levels of sun protection the difference would be staggering.

A person who uses total block (SPF 50) throughout the months of March to September will look significantly younger to a person who hasn’t. Team this block with a tinted moisturiser and you will look summer ready, all year round.

Read more here about the affects the sun has on our skin and the NHS’s recommendation on sun block.


Eating the correct amount of fruit and vegetables every day, ensuring we remain hydrated and making sure we exercise regularly will all help to combat the ageing process.

Being healthier will not only help us to look younger, exercise is the miracle cure for many of our ailments, and for safe guarding our health against future problems.

Further information about health and well-being can be found here. If you are interested in cosmetic enhancement treatments offered by Oak Tree Surgery, click here or call 01656 665 353 for information.



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