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Women's Health

Cervical Screening 

All eligible women 25 – 64 years of age will be sent information for cervical smears. From the age of 25-50 smears need to be taken every 3 years, after the age of 50 this needs to happen within every 5 years. This is a simple, painless procedure, carried out by the nurse, and enables early detection of changes that can prevent more serious conditions occurring. 


If you would like information or advice relating to the menopause or HRT, please make an appointment to see the Doctor or Nurse.

These websites has lots of very useful information about menopause symptoms and management:

What to do if you think you are pregnant...

After having a home pregnancy test please book in with the midwives with the staff on reception when you are about 6 weeks. The staff will take your details and give you a number to contact the midwifery team. The midwives will then arrange to see you at about 8 weeks.

Unless you have any serious medical problems or queries about medications you may be taking you do not need to see a doctor. If you are in early pregnancy and have any bleeding, pain or other related symptoms please contact the surgery to arrange an urgent appointment.

This website has lots of useful information for women in early pregnancy: