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Oak Tree Surgery’s Quick Guide to Facial Fillers

Fillers can be administered in addition to or instead of botox – the two treatments work on different parts of the face to combat the signs of ageing.

This interview with Oak Tree Surgery’s Dr Donagh provides the information you need to know about fillers, so that as a patient you can make an informed decision as to whether the treatment is right for you.

Question: What are fillers?

Unlike botox, we use fillers to work on enhancing the lips and cheeks.

As we age we lose some of the ‘plumpness’ in our faces, and wrinkles and lines appear. Administered by injection, fillers are volumisers, which effectively augment the part of the face we are targeting and redefine the shape.

Question: What are fillers made from?

Fillers are made from Hyaluronic Acid, and are a great alternative to having cosmetic surgery.

Question: How long do fillers last?

Fillers last longer than botox, usually around 12 months.

Question: Can fillers help to mask the signs of ageing caused by smoking?

Effectively yes. Smokers tend to lose the shape of their lip and develop vertical lines around their mouth. Fillers are a really good way to stretch out the lip so that the lines are not so prominent. The treatment also augments the lips so that more shape is brought back. 

Fillers are a great lip enhancement for non-smokers however, as well as smokers.

Question: How much are fillers?

Treatment starts from £200 – more information about our treatments can be found here.

Question: If somebody wants to learn more about fillers what do they need to do?

We always offer a free consultation session to patients, where we discuss their wishes and go through any questions they may have. To book an appointment call 01656 665 353.